NKT Fluid-filled MV/HV cable accessories

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NKT Fluid-filled MV/HV cable accessories

Joints and terminations for pressurised oil and gas cables up to 170 kV

  • Through-joints, stop-joints and terminations for gas or oil filled cables
  • For application up to 170 kV
  • Conductor cross sections up to 2,500 mm2


NKT is a world leader in the specialised field of MV / HV fluid-filled cable accessories.

Through their own in-house expertise, supplemented over the years by acquisitions such as CCC and Ericsson Power Cables, NKT has built an unparalleled reputation in the design, manufacture and application engineering of joints and terminations for gas and oil-filled sub-transmission and transmission cables.

To support network asset managers, engineers and operators, NKT has developed unique expertise in the installation and servicing of fluid-filled cable accessories, as well as measuring and testing, training, on-site auditing, documentation and archiving.

In Australasia, NKT maintains a team of highly qualified and globally experienced cable jointers licenced up to 400kV on both fluid-filled and XLPE cable systems. Activities include:

  • Installation of joints, terminations, optical fibres and oil pressure equipment
  • Oil filling and pressurising
  • Monitoring systems and leak detection
  • Turnkey solutions

An extensive reference list is available on request.

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