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NKT cable joints, terminations and connectors

Safe and easy connection of power cables with NKT cable accessories


Manufacturing and developing power cable accessories from 1kV to 550 kV is core business for NKT.

With the joined forces of Kabeldon and NKT cables under the new common brand NKT, we provide an even wider product range, long experience in design and manufacturing of accessories and excellent service.

The NKT range of cable joints, terminations and connectors continues to grow as a result of both acquisition and ongoing investment in manufacturing processes, materials and product development.

In addition, NKT offers a complete solution for transmission system applications, including pushon, composite and porcelain dry-type and oil-filled terminations, cable joints and switchgear / transformer connectors up to 400 kV and above.

The design of NKT accessories is based on expertise in managing electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. NKT’s extensive materials experience is backed up by the use of finite element modelling. Depending on the application, designs involve geometrical / capacitive, resistive and refractive field control.

Download NKT Cold Applied 11/22 kV Termination Shrouds Datasheet

Download NKT Pre-Moulded Cold Applied Slipover Cable Terminations Datasheet

Download NKT Screened Connectors for Type A and Type B Interfaces Datasheet

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NKT Cold Shrink JC CC Video

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