Pfisterer ISICOMPACT LV Branch Joints

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Pfisterer ISICOMPACT LV Branch Joints

Four safe and secure tap connections with one single shear bolt

  • Fully insulated single shear-bolt, insulation piercing connector
  • Two sizes for main cables 50-240 mm2 and branch cables 10-150 mm2
  • Two sizes of generously dimensioned moulded shells


With just one shear bolt in the new Pfisterer ISICOMPACT connector it’s now possible to clamp and connect all conductors with the right torque for a guaranteed connection. Pfisterer developed the new ISICOMPACT L30 and L40 single bolt connectors which are ideally suited to New Zealand cables. Unlike ring connectors the new ISICOMPACT units do not require insulation to be stripped from the branch conductors.

Once the ISICOMPACT moulded plastic body is assembled around the main cables and the four cores are locked in position, the service cable cores are simply aligned and inserted into their clamping apertures fully sheathed. There are no exposed live parts.

A single shear bolt then clamps all cores in unison. The bolt shears off when the right torque is reached for the teeth to penetrate all the stranded conductors, locking the joints securely and making sure of a successful connection every time.

With a plastic body encasing the metal clamping system and no cores having to be stripped of their insulation, the new ISICOMPACT connectors take risk out of live work and speed up installation times.

Pfisterer LV Branch Joints incorporate the ISICOMPACT connector inside hinged polypropylene shells filled with resin. Two generously dimensioned shells sizes are available, designed to accommodate a wide range of cable sizes and types, including large branch cross sections and armour cables requiring earthing and short circuit continuity kits. The shells are filled with polyurethane hard resin, or polybutadiene soft resin, which allows the joint to be re-entered if required.

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