NKT Screened Connectors and Coupling Connectors for Type C Interfaces

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NKT Screened Connectors and Coupling Connectors for Type C Interfaces

MV switchgear and transformer connections for up to 630 A and 1250 A

  • For interface type C
  • Conductor cross sections from 25 to 1,000 mm2
  • Screened connectors also available for interface types A, B and F


NKT manufactures a wide range of cables and cable accessories and is the leading supplier of medium voltage screened connectors across much of Australasia.

NKT was the first to manufacture silicone rubber cable terminations and now has 50 years’ experience, in applications up to 400 kV.

The CB/CC range of screened T-connectors and coupling connectors are made of silicone rubber for connecting to medium voltage switchgear, RMUs and transformers fitted with Type C bushings according to EN 50180/50181.

The silicone rubber grade used in CB/CC connectors is durable, UV and ozone resistant, waterproof, non-flammable, self-extinguishing and heat resistant. Together with its excellent mechanical and electrical properties, this makes it the preferred material for 11-33 kV screened connectors.

In addition to offering high quality electrical insulation and superior corona and tracking resistance, the elasticity of silicone rubber facilitates a wide application range for each CB/CC size. So one product can be used for many different conductor cross-sections.

The Type C bolted connection type is secure and safe and is very widely used, with sizes available up to 1000 mm2. Installation is straightforward and fast, requiring no special tools.

The outer screen is a fully bonded conductive layer specially developed by nkt cables for long term reliability. Operation is maintenance free.

Screened connectors for interface Sizes A, B and F are also available.

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