Network Fittings & Accessories

  • Clamps for overhead lines Clamps for overhead lines

    For aluminium and copper conductors

    • Wide range of insulation-piercing and torque-setting clamps
    • For aluminium, copper and ACSR conductors
    • Conductor cross sections from 16-150 mm2 (main) and 4-150 mm2 (branch)

  • LV Protective Caps LV Protective Caps

    For transformer bushings and other applications

    • One size fits most New Zealand bushing types and sizes
    • For low voltage application
    • Operating temperature up to 120°C
  • Transformer connectors Transformer connectors

    Bolted Connectors for Ground Mounted and Pole Mounted Transformers

    • Direct connection by set screw onto bushing stud or bolted to bushing palm
    • Compliant with ANSI C119.4 Class A for copper and aluminium conductors
    • Conductor sizes from 16 to 120 mm2
  • Ground mounted transformer connectors Ground mounted transformer connectors

    Heavy Duty Connectors with Bolted Lay-In Cable Clamps

    • Lay-in cleats make connection of up to four cables per phase quick and convenient
    • Compliant with ANSI C119.4 Class A for copper and aluminium conductors
    • Conductor sizes from 35 to 500 mm2
  • The cable connector system for voltages up to 36 kV

    • Branch connectors, in-line connectors and offset and centre palm lugs
    • Bolts always break at the surface of the clamp leaving no protrusions to be filed down
    • Conductor sizes from 10 to 630 mm2

  • Bowthorpe HD Series Line Taps REBAr earth bonding anchor

    For retrofit earthing of hollow spun concrete pole reinforcing cage.

    • Designed for retrofit application on hollow-spun poles and other structures
    • Short circuit rated to 10 kA x 0.5 s
    • Robust, stainless steel construction

  • Bowthorpe HD Series Line Taps Bowthorpe HD Series Line Taps

    The original New Zealand line tap tried and trusted by overhead lines engineers and linesmen since 1959

    • Type tested for 1,000 hours thermal cycling to BS 3288-1:2014
    • Five sizes cover all conductors from 4 mm2 to 120 mm2
    • High torque setting, robust design, tried and trusted since 1959

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