Polaris PSMTL Transformer Connectors

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Polaris PSMTL Transformer Connectors

Bolted Connectors for Ground Mounted and Pole Mounted Transformers

  • Direct connection by set screw onto bushing stud or bolted to bushing palm
  • Compliant with ANSI C119.4 Class A for copper and aluminium conductors
  • Conductor sizes from 16 to 120 mm2



Polaris PSMTL transformer connectors are application engineered for the New Zealand market to provide a secure, reliable and cost-effective means of connection for pole-mounted and small ground-mounted transformers.

Polaris PSMTL transformer connectors are manufactured from high-strength 6061-T6 aluminium alloy to provide premium electrical and mechanical performance. They are dual rated for copper and aluminium conductors.

Connection is either by slip-fit and set screw onto the transformer bushing stud or bolted directly to the bushing palm. No cable lugs are required, reducing tooling and installation costs and electrical losses.

By using torque-setting set screws to secure the conductors, Polaris PSMTL connectors are re-enterable, enabling the connection of additional conductors, or different conductor cross-sections.

Polaris PSMTL connectors meet or exceed ANSI C119.4 Class A, which specifies connectors for use between aluminium-aluminium or aluminium-copper conductors used in electricity distribution networks.

An insulating cover is available that provides protection against accidental flashover.

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