LV Protective Caps

LV Protective Caps

For transformer bushings and other applications

  • One size fits most New Zealand bushing types and sizes
  • For low voltage application
  • Operating temperature up to 120°C


The Hiko LV Protective Cap provides a cost-effective and convenient way to protect LV bushings and other live metalwork from accidental contact.

LV Protective Caps are quick and simple to install, compared to other methods, such as using PVC tape. In addition, as a factory-made moulding, with defined wall thickness and materials characteristics, they provide greater assurance of safety than ad-hoc methods.

The caps are supplied as a set of four, in standard colours, to provide a clear visual indication to phase identification.

They are designed so that one size fits most New Zealand bushing types and sizes. LV Protective Caps can also be modified to fit different cable entry positions.

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