Pfisterer SICON Stepless Shear Bolt Connectors

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Pfisterer SICON Stepless Shear Bolt Connectors

The cable connector system for voltages up to 36 kV

  • Branch connectors, in-line connectors and offset and centre palm lugs
  • Bolts always break at the surface of the clamp leaving no protrusions to be filed down
  • Conductor sizes from 10 to 630 mm2




Terminals, connectors and cable lugs using screw technology have been on the advance for years, and with good reason.

The special design feature of the SICON shear bolt connectors is that there are no predetermined break points in the thread. This provides for optimal load-bearing capacity for each range of cross sections. The bolt always breaks at the surface of the clamp body, so there are no protrusions and nothing has to be filed down to make the sleeve fit. Fitting requires a simple tool – literally with a flick of the wrist.

Offering a large clamping range, SICON shear bolt connectors feature a compact design with rounded edges and flat transitions suitable for slide-on and shrink sleeves.

They are contact technology type-tested to IEC 61238-1 and proven in joint tests to HD 629 and in 18-month endurance test.

The SICON system features aluminium alloy connectors, steel threaded studs, brass shear bolts and plastic centring sleeves and the family includes branch connectors, inline connectors and cable lugs.

An overview of SICON system benefits:

  • Nothing protrudes, and nothing has to be filed down.
  • Full utilisation of the thread loading for any size of conductor.
  • No special tools needed.
  • Smooth breakage of the shear bolt simplifies tightening.
  • The remains of the bolt stay with the tool and can be disposed of safely.

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