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U-PILLAR Underground service connection boxes

For up to 6x 63 A, 4x 100A or 1×3-phase 160 A services

  • Simple, robust, secure underground service connections
  • Ratings for multiple 63 / 100 A services or three phase 160 A
  • Safe and convenient inspection and maintenance above ground level


The U-Pillaris a new concept in service connections for branching or looping networks. Building on Hiko’s expertise in underground switchgear, the U-Pillar delivers a simple, robust, secure, cost effective and fully underground solution for 63 A / 100 A service fuses and 160 A DIN standard disconnects.

In the U-Pillar, fusegear is locked and protected, below ground level, where it is kept clean and dry, even in flood conditions.

The unique design also provides for safe and convenient inspection and maintenance above ground level, without the need to pump out water.

Another key feature of the U-Pillar is the free movement of air around the fusegear, which eliminates concerns around operational safety and long-term reliability associated with other underground solutions that rely on so-called “waterproof” fuse housings. These typically include seals that may be vulnerable to the pressure cycling that occurs as the temperature of the service fuse varies between hot and cold. When air is drawn in, moisture condenses inside the housing and is not expelled when the fuse heats up again. Water in contact with a fuse causes operational hazards, reduced asset lifetime, and elevates the risk of in-service failure.

The U-Pillar comes complete with water-blocked, pre-terminated flexible tails for both the incomer and service supplies. So network operators can be certain that the integrity of the asset is not compromised by water ingress via a damaged or poorly maintained service cable. And service connection contractors do not need to open the box.

The reinforced lid of the U-Pillar is extremely robust, for installation in footpaths and driveways, and is available in a range of colours.

The pit is shaped to provide structural strength and long-term stability. Materials used are benign to the environment and resistant to engine oil, petrol and diesel.

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