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Distribution Pillars and Link Pillars

For up to 9.5x DIN3 style vertical disconnects and other switchgear and control gear

  • Compliant with AS/NZS 3439 Part 1 and Part 5 for power distribution in public networks
  • Modular design for up to 10 ways
  • Wide range of configurations available


Low voltage network switchgear assets are often located in publicly accessible places: on berms, in footpaths and driveways, in town centres, where public safety as well as operator safety is a paramount consideration.

Hiko Distribution Pillars and Link Pillars use extremely secure, robust, fully insulated, weatherproof Langmatz polycarbonate outdoor cabinets and DIN-style switchgear, including Weber EFEN E3 double break, fully enclosed disconnects.

They are fully compliant with the requirements of AS/NZS 3439-1 and 3439-5, which includes particular requirements for LV switchgear in public places. In addition, Hiko has conducted extensive independent performance testing. The result is a high level of assurance of LV asset safety that represents taking “all practicable steps” to protect the public and operators alike.

By contrast, aluminium or steel pillars deliver a lower level of assurance. In terms of long-term reliability, the unique Langmatz polycarbonate two-piece cabinet has proven its worth for well over 25 years in installations throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and in many networks is the only approved option. This is an enviable record that cannot be matched by GRP (glass reinforced polyester) cabinets.

The modular design of Hiko Distribution Pillars and Link Pillars enables a wide range of configurations, from single switch link pillars to double-bus distribution boards. With options available for ground plant and surface mount bases, the two-piece construction facilitates quick installation and secure, straightforward inspection throughout the life of the asset.

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