Universal Tank Mount Frame

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Universal Tank Mount Frame

100kVA to 750kVA

Designed to be installed safely in less than 30 minutes
The new Universal frame can be easily lifted and mounted onto rails bolted to the transformer or bolted to the pad using the
detachable legs.


Hiko’s Universal Tank Mount Frames revolutionise low-voltage transformer installation, ensuring a swift and secure process in under 30 minutes.  The UTMF accommodates typical transformers including the Etel Minipads, ABB/Hitachi Mini Subs, and Tyree transformers. Featuring a two-rail system for easy mounting, the frame boasts stainless steel rails, lifting eyes, and handles for installation. With adjustable/removable feet and optional earth and neutral bar configurations, it removes the need for concrete drilling unless desired. Enhanced safety measures include touch protection, arc flash minimisation, covered bushings and insulated busbars. The UTMF comes complete with fittings, cable tails, and online installation instructions. Launched at the EEA Conference, the Universal Tank Mount Frame aims to reduce total transformer ownership costs for networks.


  • Fast Install
  • Bushing Protection
  • Access to Voltage tap and Drain tap
  • Lifting eyes and handles
  • Side earth connection close to Neutral and Earth terminals
  • Phase, Neutral and Earth cables provided
  • Adjustable and removable feet
  • No need to drill the concrete pad, but may be pad mounted if desired
  • Engineered from long life-span materials
  • Online installation and user manual, accessible by QR code

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