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Grips, Ratchet Hoists, Cable Pullers and Accessories

For overhead lines and underground cable installation

  • Versatile and well featured Grips and Ratchet Hoists from Klein Tools
  • Wide range of Cable Pullers and Accessories from Greenlee
  • Safe and fast to use



Klein Chicago TM Grips, Parallel Jaw Grips, and Haven’sTM Grips are used to maintain temporary tension until a conductor or cable can be permanently terminated.

They are available with different designs of jaw contours to eliminate or minimise deformation and maximise grip on aluminum, copper, and ACSR conductor, covered conductor, or stay wires, with maximum safe load of up to 11.3 tonnes. Different locking/latching features are used to accommodate a wide variety of hooks, winches, and tackle blocks, and to facilitate placement, including with a hot stick.

The Klein web strap ratchet hoist has a large, nonconductive adjuster that allows the web slack to be adjusted easily. The ratcheting mechanism and 360° rotating handle allows precise tensioning for up to 675 kg (single conductor) and 1350 kg (double conductor).

Also available from Klein: Howe Wire Tool and block and tackle packages.

Greenlee mains powered cable pullers are fast and safe to use, allowing one-person set-up and operation, delivering savings on-site time and costs. A wide range of models is available, with maximum pulling force of up to 4,500 kg.

Cable-pulling accessories from Greenlee include:

  • Hook sheaves, base-mounted sheaves
  • Cable drum rollers
  • Low-stretch, rot-resistant composite rope (with double braided inner core and outer jacket and green tracer)
  • Swivel and rope connectors
  • Grips and pulling socks
  • Duct cleaning brushes and mandrels
  • Cable pulling lubricant.

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