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Equipment Testing, Measurement and Analysis

Purpose designed for transmission and distribution network applications

  • State of the art and robust tools from HDElectric


HDElectric test, measurement and safety products provide safe, accurate, and critical information about transmission and distribution systems and equipment. They can help ensure continuity of supply, expedite power restoration and facilitate safe field maintenance.

  • ClearTestTM transformer testers identify internal defects on both the primary and secondary sides of de-energised transformers without disconnecting
  • Hi-Test® arrester testers non-destructively test de-energised ZnO 11/22 kV surge arresters for non-visible internal breakdown
  • Digital voltmeters and phasing sets deliver accurate measurement (within 1%) and phase test applications up to 80 kV
  • Digital voltage indicators are single-point instruments designed to read the voltage on a conductor up to 500 kV
  • The Phase Rotation Meter is used to determine the leading phase of any two phases of three-phase 11/22/33 kV systems
  • The 3ID three-phase cable identifier identifies the correct phases on lengths of up to 1.5 km of de-energised and discharged overhead lines and underground cables
  • ARCPRO 2.01 software calculates the thermal parameters of arcs, to aid in the selection of PPE by defining the potential arc hazard (as referenced in EEA Guide for the Management of Arc Flash Hazards: Tools for Calculating Arc Flash Hazards).

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