Cable Link Boxes

Cable Link Boxes

  • High Voltage Cable Systems
  • Cable Sheath Earthing



Insulect link box designs use various earthing practices to minimise sheath currents and provide sheath voltage protection.

  • Direct Earthing or SVL Earthing through sheath voltage limiter surge arrester
  • Cross Bonding with insulation withstand between phases
  • Cable Sheath Protection using metal oxide sheath voltage
    surge limiters (SVL’s).

Insulect Link Boxes ensure a weather-proof environment for connecting links, whether for earthing or cross-bonding high voltage cables.

Key Component Materials

  • Links – Extruded copper in hard drawn high conductivity 300mm2 minimum
  • Insulators – High tension porcelain, stainless steel hardware
  • Stress cones – Polyurethane elastomer
  • Plating – All conductors plated with ≥8μm of tin.

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