Substation Disconnectors and Earthing Switches

Substation Disconnectors and Earthing Switches

Insulect Disconnectors are designed to accommodate each customer’s needs and the layout of each substation. For over two decades, our disconnector and earthing switches have been 100% locally designed, built and serviced to ensure the best possible solution tailored to the needs of our customers.

  • 12kV to 145kV



Features & Options

Contacts: All contact surfaces are silver plated copper. Copper components other than the contact surfaces are tin plated as standard.

Flickers: The moving blades are supplied with a spring-loaded flicker to quickly extinguish residual current arcing when the switch is opened live.

Custom footprint: Insulect disconnectors can be customised to suit specific substation layouts, configurations and structure types.

Insulators: A variety of insulator types can be accommodated for each voltage level, including electrical and mechanical ratings and pollution levels.

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