Air Insulated Load Break Switches

Air Insulated Load Break Switches

Insulect Air Break Switches (ABS) are designed, assembled and tested in Australia. Our range is widely installed throughout distribution networks for isolation or switching applications.

  • Side break and vertical break
  • 12kV, 24kV, 36k




Modular Design: We readily provide custom design changes to suit individual customer requirements, as well as modular or unitised factory assembly for more rapid installation.

Manual or Motorised: Available with conventional operating rod and handle, with patented hook stick actuator. Able to be fitted with motorised operation as well as remote control facilities.

Insulators: Choose from Porcelain, Silicon or Cycloaliphatic insulators.

Options: Associated earthing switch available. Load interrupter to break up to 630 amps.


Ordering Information

  • Side Break or Vertical Break
  • 2/24 kV or 36 kV
  • Current Rating
  • Pole top or mid pole designs
  • Unitised or Modular
  • Operating Mechanism: manual handle, hook stick actuator, motor operation (local/remote or SCADA)
  • Load Break option.

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