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EFEN LV Vertical Fuse Switch Disconnects

EFEN E3 Disconnector is the next practicable step in LV network safety

  • Size 00, Size 3 and dual Size 3 for 160 A to 2,000 A
  • Terminals shrouded both open and closed, eliminating risk of exposed live fuse terminals
  • Fully compliant with IEC 60947 Part 1 and Part 3


Isolating electricity supply at distribution sub-stations can be made safer with the latest generation of EFEN disconnectors.

The new E3 disconnector keeps live terminals fully shrouded from touch at all times.

In the open position the E3 disconnector holds the disconnected fuse under its cover, which maintains an IP2x barrier preventing finger touch of either source or load terminal. With distributed generation on the rise and more connected solar feeding into the LV network from residential and commercial premises, a fully shrouded approach better protects operators by eliminating the risk of exposed live fuse terminals.

In the E3 disconnector the whole fuse is withdrawn in a parallel direction by levering the manually dependent switch in a way that opens both terminals of each fuse blade at the same time. This halves the arc voltage by creating two smaller arcs – one at each terminal.

E3 disconnectors also manage heat more effectively, reducing the risk of over-heating. Heat build-up is minimised by improved housing ventilation and busbar design.

The improved design also delivers improved switching capacity with non-resistive loads, and higher short-circuit rating for improved performance in fault conditions.

The versatile range includes both simultaneous three phase switching as well as individual single phase switching from 100 A to 630 A. E3 disconnectors are available as either 1000A or 2000A isolators with knife links in place of fuses.

Other ratings are available on request, including parallel arrangements. Rear-connect and side-connect configurations are also available.

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