GridKey MCU318 low voltage network monitoring system

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GridKey MCU318 low voltage network monitoring system

Remote wireless or radio MCU with built in modem, sensors etc

  • Individual monitoring of up to five feeders
  • Compact and robust design for easy and quick retrofit
  • Delivers actionable information for planning and decision making



GridKey is a purpose-designed network monitoring system that can be live-retrofitted to the LV substation feeders without interrupting supply to customers. It provides continuous remote monitoring and real time warnings, status and load information. The GridKey system is quick and easy to install and configure, so it can be readily relocated to substations of seasonal or temporary interest.

GridKey provides Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) with information to drive LV network planning and decision-making, so they can make better informed decisions: predicting and preventing failures, diagnosing fault events, deferring capital costs, directing and reducing maintenance costs and improving their knowledge of the state of the LV network. Customer service improvements are enabled by real time identification and location of faults.

The system comprises up to 20 current sensors, a Metrology and Communications Unit (MCU318) and a simple browser-based user web portal for data visualisation and analysis. The MCU includes an integrated GSM/GPRS radio that communicates data to a web site or any existing communications and data management system via a standard interface. The system integrates with existing interfaces and legacy systems and can be wirelessly upgraded for future expansion and other monitoring needs. GridKey requires no calibration: installation can be checked simply on site using a smartphone, and is maintenance-free.

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