Network Link Boxes

Network Link Boxes

Secure, watertight, in-ground 6-switch / 4-circuit, 400 A link box with DIN-standard switch-disconnects

  • Modular design for 3-switch (three circuit) and 6-switch (four circuit) link box applications
  • Rating 400 A
  • Lid load class B (8 tonnes) to class E (40 tonnes)




The Hiko Network Link Box uses Weber EFEN switchgear and Langmatz structural pits to provide a safe, robust, reliable, flexible and future-proof solution for underground urban distribution reticulation.

Langmatz pits are made in Germany and are engineered for a lifetime of over 40 years. Their use of structural foamed polycarbonate (SFPC) in a honeycomb modular design delivers outstanding performance under dynamic and static load conditions. The SFPC material is extremely strong, heat resistant, flame retardant, resistant to solvents including petrol, diesel and oil. It has been shown by independent testing to be completely non-toxic to ground water.

The Network Link Box is available with lids rated up to AS3996 Class E for application in roadways.

The design of the pit eliminates the need for a concrete vault or collar, reducing time and cost on site.

Installation is facilitated by the light weight of the SPFC structural pit elements, which can be easily separated into layers and reconnected if required, and by the provision of tool-free conduit knock-outs and an adjustable lid height.

The Weber EFEN LV switchgear in the Network Link Box is housed horizontally under a watertight composite “bell” which allows continuous operation even in flood conditions. Monitoring equipment can also be accommodated.

No special tools or spare parts are required.

The 6-switch / 4-circuit configuration delivers maximum flexibility to planners and operators alike to maximise the value and operability of LV networks.

A 3-switch / 3-circuit configuration is also available.

The Hiko Network Link Box takes asset lifecycle management to the next level, it future proofs the LV network and delivers an attractive cityscape.

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