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Insulated Gloves and Boots

Practicable safety at working voltages up to 36 kV, compliant with EN60903 and prEN 50321:2013

  • Practicable safety at working voltages up to 36 kV
  • Compliant with EN60903 and prEN 50321:2013




Insulated gloves from Boddingtons Electrical and Respirex Workmaster™ insulated (dielectric) boots provide practicable safety for cable jointers, line mechanics and technicians by protecting them from hazardous voltages.

Insulated Gloves

  • Boddingtons Electrical insulated gloves are individually tested and permanent marked for working voltages from 500 V to 36 kV, manufactured and tested to IEC/EN 60903.
  • Leather over-gloves protect against mechanical hazards and electrical arcing.
  • Cotton under-gloves give added comfort in warm or humid conditions.
  • Polypropylene storage boxes and protective storage bags.

Dielectric boots

Respirex Workmaster™ dielectric boots provide additional protection in situations where there is a risk of electric shock from high voltages, such as working on or in the vicinity of live cables and conductors. Workmaster™ dielectric boots are waterproof – their performance is unaffected if they get wet, and unlike leather boots, their performance is not compromised by perspiration.

  • Manufactured and tested to EN 503231 Class 0 for use up to 1000 V working voltage and prEN 50321:2013 Class 2 for up to 17.5 kV working voltage.
  • 200 J epoxy coated steel toe cap
  • Injection moulded construction guarantees there are no seams to leak.
  • Kick off lug for hands-free removal.
  • Cleated vulcanized rubber sole is hard wearing, fuel and oil resistant and designed for maximum grip.
  • Energy absorbing heel and comfort insole for all day wear.

For details of the full range and available sizes, refer to our web page, or the Boddingtons Electrical catalogue.

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