Hiko Power Engineering is a proud partner and Certified Trainer of NKT and its amazing cable accessory range.

NKT Cable Accessories are widely used and installed in New Zealand and are approved for Transpower and the majority of the local networks from 11 to 270 kV.

Medium Voltage Connectors – Connectors for a powerful presence

  • Utilize specially formulated materials with 100% peroxide-cured insulation and shielding
  • Are pre-moulded offering significant advantages over field-fabricated products
  • Are easy to install with no special skills or tools required – check out the video here
  • Are compact, lightweight, and durable for easy handling and application.

Separable Elbow (Outer Cone) Connectors and their related accessories are available in 250amp, 400amp, 630amp and 1250amp Deadbreak styles

Cable Joints are available in shear bolted connector styles.

The cold applied slipover style NKTSOT Cable Terminations are available in sets of Three Phase (core) designs.

In New Zealand, Hiko Power Engineering kit NKT Cable Connectors to support the entire range of cables:

  1. CB-24 – 11/22kV, 25mm² to 800mm² AL/CU
  2. CB-36 – 33/42kV, 25mm² to 1000mm² Al/CU
  3. CPI-3  –  11/22/33 & 52kV 35 to 800mm² AI/CU

Medium Voltage Terminations – Crucial to a powerful connection

Terminations for medium voltage cables are essential for connecting the cables to air-insulated switchgear, transformers, overhead lines, or busbars.

While the indoor termination is located in dry air, the outdoor termination is exposed to various weather conditions. Special measures must, therefore, be taken: The outdoor termination is implemented in larger sheds, and the cable lug must be tin-plated, to prevent high chemical voltages.

Important facts about terminations:

  • Cold applied slipover
  • Reflective stress control
  • The assembly position of outdoor terminations should be vertical (max. 90 degrees)
  • Indoor terminations can be mounted in all positions.
  • The reference numbers of the terminations refer to cables per VDE 0276-620, with a solid extruded outer conductive layer and copper wire screen.
  • SOT = Indoor/Outdoor Termination. TI = Termination Indoor, TO = Termination Outdoor

NKT Inline Cable Joints, available to the New Zealand electrical market through Hiko Power Engineering, cover all voltages 11 to 270kV. They have been installed in New Zealand since 1992, covering oil/gas-pressurized plus stop joints (transition to XLPE) and both XLPE and solid designs. Hiko Power Engineering has a large range of accessories for different cable types.

Please contact sales@hikopower.co.nz, and to speed things up, ensure your cable data-sheet is included with your order.