Over the past two years or so we’ve been sharpening the focus of Hiko Power Engineering on the development of engineered solutions that meet the needs of customers at a project level.

Our New Zealand manufacturing capability has been key to our being able to deliver for customers in this way and today, much our business includes a locally manufactured or bespoke element. 

Production and Application Manager John Spence and his team have encountered some challenging problems to solve and are thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to not only create and develop solutions that work, but also strive to reduce overall cost.

“Every week brings us interesting or unique situations and applications to find solutions to.  It’s tremendously rewarding to be able to support and serve our customers this way,” says John. 

Our manufacturing capability includes low voltage switchgear frames, cabinets, underground distribution pillars and other subassemblies and equipment.

We now manufacture a range of modular, precision built LV switchgear frames from laser-cut stainless steel structural and composite components. These accommodates a wide range of configurations, from 100 kVA to 1.5 MVA, for pad-mount and wall-mount installation. Our precision design is combined with light weight construction to support ease of installation.

“All Hiko LV switchgear frames are now fully modelled in 3D to simplify and speed up the design process and provide assurance of production quality and fitness for application. They also use the latest EFEN E3 DIN style switchgear, which is fully shrouded in open and closed position, providing enhanced operator safety.”

Contact your Account Manager to find out how our engineered solutions can work for you.