Covid-19 Customer Update

COVID-19: Customer Update

Hiko Power Engineering is complying with government advice to maintain operations as required to support the supply chain for Utilities as Essential Service providers.

We are operating our warehouse and manufacturing teams currently at 100% capacity and will move to shifts to match demand.

Our Auckland and Christchurch office staff are working from home as are our regional sales people.

We are working with our local and European component manufacturers to secure our stock levels over the next 12-weeks and beyond. We have done this by placing orders by sea and air and from multiple factories or other resellers.

At this time, we can say still with certainty that at usual demand we are unaffected for most lines covering: Klein tools, Bowthorpe line taps and Pfisterer LV connectors, cabinets and frames, NKT LV and MV joint kits, and GRIDKEY data monitoring.

Where we are short on a particular item we will likely recommend an alternative by up-sizing or working with our industry peers to assure you continuity of supply.

We will advise if anything changes and will continue to follow official advice related to staff well being and material supply.

Do not hesitate to contact Geoffrey Sullivan, General Manager on 021 376 787 if you require more specific information or verification of our stock levels.

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